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What worked

'What Worked' looks at what the Labour Government got right and wrong on social exclusion since 1997, and how campaigners can make this issue a top priority for the next government.

'What Worked' follows the publication of 'Hardest to Reach? The...

Hardest to Reach?

The politics of multiple needs and exclusions
More than two thirds of people say they are personally concerned with the problems of people with multiple needs and exclusions, according to YouGov polling in this new Fabian Policy Report. The pamphlet, which...

Fabian Review - Spring 2010

Our cross-party panel of experts sets progressive tests for the next government, whatever its colour

Why the Right is Wrong

Heading into one of the most closely fought elections in recent British history, Gordon Brown outlines in this Fabian Ideas pamphlet the intellectual and philosophical case for progressive politics. 'Why the Right is Wrong' argues we must harness the power...

The Living Wage: The right answer to low pay?

The 'living wage' campaign has been successful in raising wage levels for some of the poorest, as well as effectively galvanising diverse campaigners. However, in this Freethinking briefing paper, Fran Bennett and Ruth Lister consider whether the living wage is...

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