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Turnout trouble?

For those of us who are passionate about democratic participation, the recent turnout in the London elections was disappointing. At 38%, turnout was marginally better than in 2004, but significantly less than the level of 45% reached in 2008.

Of course,...

Waste not, want not

Food waste costs UK households £12billion a year. But making people aware of this, which is the predominant approach of environmental campaigners, is not the way to motivate people to do something about it. If we want to get serious...

Waste Not, Want Not

Each year one third of all food bought by UK households is thrown away, which has a huge environmental and economic impact. But new focus group work conducted by the Fabian Society found that to get people to be more thrifty with their food habits, big supermarkets need to take the lead.
By Natan Doron
May 2012

2015 victory in Labour’s grasp as Ed unites the left

In just two years, Labour has increased its support from 29 per cent at the General Election to over 40 per cent in many opinion polls today. A result anywhere near this at the next general election would translate into...

Johann Lamont delivers keynote at inaugural Scottish Conference

Thanks to the 120 people who attended our inaugural Scottish Conference and contributed so enthusiastically to the workshops and debates throughout the day.

This is just the start for the Scottish Fabians with a new crop of local policy groups and...

Fabian Society launches new website

Welcome to the new Fabian Society website where you can catch up on the news and views from Britain's leading centre-left think tank.

In our Fabian Review section, you can see our latest Comment pieces, as well as our longer Fabian...

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