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New Forms of Work

This collection of essays looks at today's more flexible Labour market and how it might be a force for individual and collective good.
Edited by Ed Wallis.
October 2012

Educate, agitate, organise

George Bernard Shaw famously described the mission of the Fabian Society as to “educate, agitate, organise”. But how does the Labour party do when it comes to fulfilling this motto? We spend most of our time on the last (with...

People versus the plutocracy

There's a problem with Labour's message. No one knows what it is. We ourselves aren't too clear what we're about or what our party stands for.

It used to be simple and clear: Labour was there to use the power of...

GDP figures: will the 'good news' keep coming?

Figures released today put UK GDP for quarter three growth at 1 per cent. Speculated over for weeks, the release of today's figures will not end discussion as to whether the UK economy is now on the road back to...

Where’s welfare going?

Welfare has borne the brunt of the coalition’s austerity cuts and George Osborne threatens that another £10 billion will be slashed after the next election, should the Conservatives remain in office.

Plenty for the Opposition to get its teeth stuck into...

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