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Changing the tribe

As the waters of conference season begin to ebb and flow, we thought we’d take this moment of calm to reflect on the movement of Labour in the past year - the strengths, the weaknesses and what the party really...

Obama 2012: get it done

Explaining the ‘08 to ‘12 change

In 2008 the mantra within Senator Obama's campaign for staff and volunteers alike was "Respect - Empower - Include" . In 2012 a fourth word has been added: "Win".

This change serves as both metaphor and...

Fairness, responsibility and the lifecourse

When we worry about fairness we tend to ignore ageing. We think about national economic inequalities which separate rich and poor or about how to ensure that two babies from different sides of the tracks can reach the same starting...

Fairness, responsibility and social mobility

When can we legitimately hold individuals responsible for an action or a behaviour? Much of the recent thought on fairness and responsibility comes from a particular direction.

While such thoughts are generally not punitive in their origin or motivation, their results...

It does happen here

Save the Children’s recent report It shouldn’t happen here set out the type of hardship and deprivation we must work towards ending for good, but eradicating relative child poverty must remain the end goal. No child in the UK should...

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