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STEM: where are the women?

What’s your favourite shocking statistic about the lack of women in science in the UK? I set out to find my own top 10 after a Fabian Women’s Network debate on the subject in Westminster in June. Some of these statistics...

Where next for UK childcare?

Women’s earnings have never been more important to families or the economy. As men’s earnings have stagnated over the last decade, women’s have continued to rise slowly, filling in gaps in household finances alongside tax credits.

Surprisingly, mothers have been closing...

The secrets of power

At the heart of the current presidential contest between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney is the question of power: who will wield it and to what purpose? Politicos – both elected and otherwise – rightly obsess over this both in...

Building stronger communities

The Conservative party’s ‘big society’ rhetoric has failed, and failed spectacularly. David Cameron admitted as much in his speech to the Tory conference when he said he had “spent three years trying to explain the big society”. Trying and failing.


The time has come to work together

We’ve heard the speech about predators and producers, and we know the problems of executive pay - but for all the talk of responsible capitalism there isn’t a clear idea about what a future economy might look like, and whether...

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