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A New Golden Rule

The next Labour government should adopt a new fiscal rule seeking to reduce both the public sector deficit and the corporate sector surplus.
By Peter Kenway, Dan Corry and Steve Barwick.
September 2012

Running Dry

It is now clearly established that the rate at which water is being taken out of the environment to supply homes and businesses is causing damage to rivers across the UK . The water white paper ‘Water for Life’ published...

Running Dry

At a time when excessive abstraction is damaging the long-term health of Britain’s rivers and their ecosystems, this study asks whether people are willing to pay extra on their annual bills to protect them.
By Natan Doron
August 2012

For the Public Good: Our vision for public services

Under the guise of ‘reform’, this government is making sweeping changes to our public services. David Cameron says that state structures will be dismantled, “brick by brick” and will no longer be the default provider of public services. In the...

The Fair Society

It’s encouraging to see that fairness is back on the political agenda. Until recently, it might have looked to some observers as though there were only two sets of questions across which political lines were drawn. Questions, first, about how...

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