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Jonathan Rutherford reviews Richard Sennett's 'Together'

Richard Sennett’s new book is a study of the practice of co-operation. It is the second of three in what he calls his ‘homo faber’ project – the idea of human beings as the makers of their own destiny through...

Britain's Oldest Think Tank

The Fabian Society was founded in 1884 and throughout it's long history has been at the heart of debate on the left of British politics.

As part of our new website, we're hoping to feature some of the history of the...

Spring 2012

This edition of the Fabian Review investigates possible ways to a winning coalition for the left and what they mean for Labour politics.
Introducing a major new Fabian Society research project on Labour's next majority, Marcus Roberts, Neal Lawson, Tessa Jowell and Paul Hunter outline the ways Labour can win a majority.

The Fairness Instinct

The public may not like the idea of having to make lifestyle changes, but are prepared to do so once they understand the broader social issues at stake. Politicians need to recognise this and set a credible policy framework that can foster a shared sense of environmental citizenship, rather than attempting to sell polices by appealing to consumer self-interest.
Edited by Ed Wallis
March 2012

The Economic Alternative

This collection of essays emerging from the Fabian New Year conference 2012 includes Owen Jones, Patrick Diamond, Stephany Griffith-Jones, Sunny Hundal and Tessa Jowell.
Edited by Andrew Harrop
February 2012

The challenge of sustainable aviation policy in the UK

The paper argues that a process of reframing the aviation debate must be undertaken involving a clear set of policy objectives, an enhanced understanding of public attitudes and a move away from oppositional, short-termist politics.
By Natan Doron
February 2012

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