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Health and care: Engaging, empowering and listening to patients

Patient voice and accountability should play the leading role in Labour health and care policy, but currently the party’s policy review consultation ‘Your Britain’ lacks focus in this area.

Operational and logistical rejigging of services is important, but authentic patient participation...

Reform the contract between NHS and the people

I’ll dare to say it: amid concerns that the government is selling off parts of the NHS and privatising the service through the back door, the NHS has become the best business opportunity in Britain today.

The National Health Service is...

A fight for parity: Channel 4's Bedlam and mental health

“This is my life.” “I’m scared.” “I love it here. You get so much support and help.” These powerful, lasting words were three of the things uttered in the second episode of Channel 4’s Bedlam on crisis care last week.


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