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Reform the contract between NHS and the people

I’ll dare to say it: amid concerns that the government is selling off parts of the NHS and privatising the service through the back door, the NHS has become the best business opportunity in Britain today.

The National Health Service is...

A fight for parity: Channel 4's Bedlam and mental health

“This is my life.” “I’m scared.” “I love it here. You get so much support and help.” These powerful, lasting words were three of the things uttered in the second episode of Channel 4’s Bedlam on crisis care last week.


Are our mental health services in crisis?

There is an increased demand for mental health services in Britain, but we are failing some of our most unwell and vulnerable people.

Last week, the Health and Social Care Information Centre published its annual report into the use of the...

Why plain packaging can't go up in smoke

In July this year, the government dismayed medical professionals and the wider public health community by refusing to bring in legislation to require the standardised packaging of cigarettes and tobacco products. In a written statement sneaked out on the last...

Mental health matters to all of us

Mental health is still treated completely differently from physical health. To ensure mental health sits at the heart of the whole person agenda, politicians must lead the way in helping to destroy taboos, and underpin changing attitudes by law.

When I...

Delivering more midwives

Over the last ten years, England and Wales have experienced a baby-boom, and the number of midwives simply hasn't kept up. Almost 80% of NHS trusts don’t meet the recommended ratio of one midwife to 28 births, and despite the...

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