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Locked out

In Florida, a person can be denied the right to vote if they have ever been convicted of a felony. Embarrassingly, I did not know this when I boarded a plane last week to go volunteer on Hillary Clinton’s campaign....

Reasons to be fearful

Liberal democracy and scapegoating minorities
The stupefying election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States offers the most spectacular example of the vulnerability of the values which liberal democracy is based upon. Forgive the alarmism, but 2016 risks...

Justice under siege

Not everyone in the Labour Party agrees with one another at the moment. You may have noticed. Here however, is an area for incontrovertible agreement and unity: justice. The Tories' approach to our fundamental rights and liberties is deplorable, dehumanising...

Labour has a trump card - so let's use it

More often than not the accusation comes in that politicians are all the same, with nothing to separate their petty squabbles and public relations facades.

Perhaps this is in part because we are not highlighting some of Labour’s strengths. One area...

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