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Mission Impossible?

In the basement of the Fabian Society offices sit a series of archive shelves that slide around like something out of an Indiana Jones library set. When in the basement waiting for a printing job to finish, I occasionally flick...

2015 victory in Labour’s grasp as Ed unites the left

In just two years, Labour has increased its support from 29 per cent at the General Election to over 40 per cent in many opinion polls today. A result anywhere near this at the next general election would translate into...

Labour's Missing Five Million

Between 1997 and 2010, Labour lost votes in all directions: understanding exactly where they all went is key winning them back.

Between 1997 and 2010, Labour lost five million votes. The electoral coalition Labour had carefully nurtured in their 18 wilderness...

The Tory ‘feelgood factor’

Despite the bleak national economic picture, people in Conservative held seats are doing better than those in Labour areas.

The Conservatives have form when it comes to winning re-election whilst presiding over deep cuts in public spending, high unemployment and often...

The 'Core Vote, Swing Vote' fallacy

There are core voters in every social group, just as there are swing voters in every social group. 

On one level, of course, the answer to why Labour lost so catastrophically in 2010 is simple: we had presided over an enormous...

Jobs for the boys

The preoccupation of both Tory strategists and Labour feminists with women voters can’t disguise Labour’s challenge: we’ve got man trouble.

Reversing the historic Tory lead with women was, of course, crucial to New Labour’s political project: a party cannot be a...

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