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Childcare: Ensuring a good start in life

Early years education was unfinished business from previous Labour governments and putting in place a high quality, comprehensive service was one of the great achievements of our last term in office.

In their two decades, the Thatcher and Major governments had...

Family and kinship for the 21st century

Finding affordable, good quality, flexible childcare has long been a headache for working parents. But the government has plans to address this issue. This September the amount of free childcare offered to three and four year olds in England will...

Labour’s Britain: Reshaping the state

A Labour government elected in 2015 will face stark choices. Big reform, not big spending will be the mantra as we reshape the state to tackle inequality and embed early intervention as a key plank of public service reform.

Over recent...

Why are there still so few women in science?

Why aren't there more women in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths), and why do their numbers decline as they progress further up the academic career ladder? The Science and Technology Select Committee has been considering this problem, along...

Why it matters: Universal childcare

Arguments for universal childcare have been around ever since investing in early years became a political priority under the previous Labour government. Many believe that the high cost of providing a universal system of childcare rules it out as an...

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