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Open policy making rooted in real experiences

The Labour policy review is well into its second year and on its second custodian but are we any clearer as to where it’s taking the party and who owns the current policy positions? We need to avoid creating false...

Fair for all – not free for all

Labour today has the opportunity of a lifetime to extend our appeal to a much larger share of the electorate than ever before And we can do this without sacrificing our basic commitment to a fairer society. Indeed, to bring...

Michael Sandel and the politics of the common good

There has been a bit of excitement recently about the role that Michael Sandel will play at Labour party conference. It has even been suggested that Sandel is a new ‘guru’ for the leader of the party.

Sandel’s influence is, however, nothing...

Is the future plural?: Fabian membership poll results

Last year the Fabian Society conducted a poll of its membership and asked if Fabians thought Liberal Democrats were ‘potential partners’ or ‘enemies’. It found an almost even split within our membership, with 44 per cent saying partners and 56...

Changing the tribe

As the waters of conference season begin to ebb and flow, we thought we’d take this moment of calm to reflect on the movement of Labour in the past year - the strengths, the weaknesses and what the party really...

Obama 2012: get it done

Explaining the ‘08 to ‘12 change

In 2008 the mantra within Senator Obama's campaign for staff and volunteers alike was "Respect - Empower - Include" . In 2012 a fourth word has been added: "Win".

This change serves as both metaphor and...

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