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Local Fabians

Local Fabian societies meet across Britain and throughout the year


There are almost 50 local Fabian societies across Britain, organising meetings and events that provide a forum for left-leaning discussion and debate. Search below to locate your nearest society and find out about their meetings.

Or click here to learn more about local Fabian societies including how to set one up if there isn’t one near you.


Central London

Holds regular meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of each month
Usual Venue: 61 Petty France, London, SW1H 9EU
Contact: Michael Weatherburn,

Chiswick & West London

Thursday 22 November 19:45 ‘The Rise and Fall of the British Nation – A Twentieth Century History’ - Professor David Edgerton (Kings College London)
Wednesday 5 December 'German Politics' - Thomas McKinney
Usual Venue: Raphael Room, St Michael and All Angels Church, Bath Road London W4 1TT
Contact: Dr Alison BAKER,


Thursday 20 December 'Brexit' - Alex Mayer MEP
Thursday 21 February - Ria Bernard
Thursday 21 March 'Local Politics' - Cllr Tim Young
Usual Venue: Regular meetings in the Hexagonal Room, Quaker Meeting House, 6 Church Street, Colchester
Contact: Maurice P. Austin,

County Durham

Saturday 17 November - Professor Joyce Liddle on 'Brexit and Local Government leadership'
Usual Venue: All meetings 12:15-14:00 at Lionmouth Rural Centre, DH7 9QE
Contact: Alan Townsend,

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