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Ideas to improve BAME representation in the Labour party

This report looks at the underrepresentation of people from BAME backgrounds in the Labour party and outlines ways to address the issue.
By Adebusuyi Adeyemi and Olivia Bailey
December 2016

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Winter 2016

Fabian Review

This edition of the Fabian Review focuses on how Labour should look to the local for a route back into power with Jim McMahon MP, Sarah Hayward, Jessica Studdert and Andrew Harrop, plus Mary Riddell interviews Keir Starmer MP.
Also in this issue: a US special with James Morris, Thom Brooks on migration and Rachel Reeves on the pioneering woman MP Alice Bacon.

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A Sense of Belonging

Building a more socially integrated society

This collection of essays provides ideas from the left and right on how best to create an inclusive, modern citizenship for us all.
Edited by Kate Murray, Tobias Phibbs and Laura Round
December 2016

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The crisis in the justice system in England & Wales

The Bach Commission on Access to Justice

The first stage of work by the Bach Commission on Access to Justice finds much more needs to be done to provide justice for all.
By the Bach Commission
November 2016

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A good day's work

What workers think about work, and how politics should respond

Four in five workers in Britain enjoy their jobs, but job insecurity is on the rise and for a group of one in 10 workers – over 3 million people – work is not providing the fulfilment it should.
By Cameron Tait
November 2016.

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Who speaks to England?

Labour's English challenge

This collection explores what it means to be English and how the left can build an authentic English radicalism.
Edited by Tobias Phibbs
October 2016

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Green Places

Putting the local environment at the heart of the devolution agenda

The local environment can be the 'green thread' that binds devolution deals together.
Edited by Ed Wallis and Claire Sewell
October 2016

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An Inclusive Future

Ensuring disabled people play a key role in the changing world of work

The essays in this collection offer hope for a more inclusive economy in which disabled employees can play a full part.
Edited by Cameron Tait
September 2016

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Politics by People

A new charter for democratic reform, written by activists from across the Labour movement

A six-point charter to reset and reinvigorate our democracy.
By Olivia Bailey
September 2016

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Autumn 2016

Fabian Review

This edition of Fabian Review looks at the calls for a British patriotic vision to bring the country together again and the rediscovery of English socialism with Ben Jackson, Tom Kelsey, Jon Wilson and Andrew Harrop, plus Mary Riddell interviews Neil Kinnock.

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Facing the Unknown

Building a progressive response to Brexit

Essays setting out 11 principles for a progressive Brexit.
Edited by Olivia Bailey
September 2016

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For Us All

Redesigning social security, for the 2020s

Why are current policies failing - and how can we create a social security system fit for the future?
By Andrew Harrop
August 2016

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The Ideal Candidate

Discussion paper

Part of the diversity series, this report reveals there is more to be done to tackle homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in the Labour party.
By Olivia Bailey
August 2016

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Civic Socialism

A new agenda for arts and culture

A rich cultural life in our villages, suburbs, towns and cities can help us make sense of the world around us.
By Ed Wallis
August 2016

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Changing work

Progressive ideas for the modern world of work

The first publication from the Changing Work Centre, a joint initiative by the Fabians and Community trade union exploring progressive ideas for the modern world of work.
Edited by Yvette Cooper MP
July 2016

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Summer 2016

Fabian Review

This edition of Fabian Review focuses on how a continent, country and party were pulled apart, with Ruth Davis, John Denham, Andrew Harrop and Duncan Weldon, plus Conor Pope interviews Angela Eagle.

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A Unique Contribution

Reducing budget deficits and tackling inequality with a one-off wealth tax

A one-off levy for the super-rich would help tackle growing inequality.
By Nick Donovan
June 2016

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The message from the marginals

Labour’s performance in the English local elections of 2016

Local election results show there is no room for complacency for Labour.
By Lewis Baston
May 2016

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