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Family Fortunes: the new politics of childhood

The children's agenda is central to Labour's distinctive vision of government, and can help shift the centre ground of British politics by making a new popular case for state provision.

But the authors in this collection warn that building a genuinely...

Annie Besant (1847-1933)

In India there are parks and roads named after Annie Besant, and she frequently makes an appearance in history textbooks. She is remembered there for her work in the twentieth century: the presidency of the Indian National Congress, her advocacy...

The Best Intentions?

The NHS has always depended on diversity, yet it has not dealt successfully with diversity itself. Britain's leading health and race policymakers set out an agenda for change.

The National Health Service - the most cherished of British public institutions -...

A New Social Contract: From targets to rights in public services

Public service reform is central to the Government’s domestic agenda. But the political and policy debates have got stuck. The limits of a target driven approach are becoming increasingly clear, while few voters can follow an often technocratic debate on managerial...

The Making of Europe's Constitution

Europe’s political leaders are seeking to agree a new Constitution for Europe. This will be the most significant constitutional development in Europe since the Treaty of Rome established theEuropean Economic Community in 1957. But will it make Europe’s institutions more...

Progressive Globalisation

Polarised between neo-liberal advocates of free trade on the one hand, and utopian ‘anti-globalisers’ on the other, debates about globalization frequently generate more heat than light. This pamphlet offers an important new approach.

Progressive Globalisation argues for the management of global...

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