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Revaluing Food

The problem of food waste can’t be left to individuals to shoulder alone, but must be solved collectively through politics.
Edited by Natan Doron.
November 2012

No Right Turn

There is very little appetite for a US-style small-state and swing-voters' views are much closer to Labour than to Conservative opinion. The left should therefore resist urges to seek out a middle-way that cedes ground to the right on public service debates. Labour can set out a collectivist case for maintaining high quality, tax-funded public services.
By Natan Doron and Andrew Harrop.
September 2012

Running Dry

At a time when excessive abstraction is damaging the long-term health of Britain’s rivers and their ecosystems, this study asks whether people are willing to pay extra on their annual bills to protect them.
By Natan Doron
August 2012

For the Public Good

The coalition government is in the midst of delivering a radical agenda of public service reform. But is their reform programme somethingthat the public actually want?
This report explores the question based on original research by the Fabian Society. The picture that emerges is...

Everyone on Board

This report is based on original qualitative research which seeks to learn more about public attitudes to some of the big questions in the aviation debate.
By Natan Doron
June 2012

Waste Not, Want Not

Each year one third of all food bought by UK households is thrown away, which has a huge environmental and economic impact. But new focus group work conducted by the Fabian Society found that to get people to be more thrifty with their food habits, big supermarkets need to take the lead.
By Natan Doron
May 2012

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