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Stepping up, not stepping back

To succeed in Labour’s political project – of rising and shared wealth – we must rethink the relationship between governments and markets. There must be a greater consistency between the progressive ends that we seek and the means that we...

Habermas' "The Crisis of the European Union: A Response"

In modern societies 'debt' refers to an economic relationship of incomplete exchange, based on the expectation that it will, at some point, be closed through repayment. As this relationship extends indefinitely into the future the institution of debt is intimately...


America shows that austerity cramps growth, stimulus aids it. The potential of the UK labour market depends on strategic investment.

The most valuable economic asset any country has is its people. And when those people are squeezed by circumstance, policymakers need to ask...

Why science and technology needs women

Women in science and technology have to work hard to ignore sexist pigeonholing. This government needs to acknowledge that talent is diverse, from education and onwards.

Much has been made of the importance of innovation through science and technology as a means...

Austerity is not a foregone conclusion

“Austerity is not a foregone conclusion”. In this phrase we are reminded that almost everything in politics, from the sort of economy we have, the nature of our democracy to the quality of our public services are not foregone conclusions....

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