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Reforming the housing market: a landlord’s view

I have been a landlord. From this experience, I have learnt that the property rental market is very sensitive to changes in supply and demand.

Sadiq Khan's Tooting may be an area of housing stress, as he set out on Fabian...

A new council house building programme

In the past there were those on the left who argued that there was little necessity for a substantial increase in public sector housing. By now they have probably by now changed their views on this issue.

The banking crisis, austerity...

Create co-operative housing tenure

Most Labour activists, councillors and MPs will be familiar with the housing crisis in Britain. First time buyers are now confronted with an average house price of more than £160,000 (£280,000 in London) to get their first step on the...

A sustainable rental market

A recent report from the Resolution Foundation and Shelter starkly outlined the rapidly changing housing patterns now evident in almost every community throughout the UK. This has been fed by a rapid increase in the number of short-term private rental...

A London wide lettings agency

As an inner London MP, housing is probably my biggest area of casework. Availability and quality of housing in London is a real problem, and it’s not only an issue for those on low incomes that rely on social housing...

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