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A new Treasury view

There has always been a strand in Labour thinking that has had it in for the Treasury.

The argument goes that all that is holding a victorious Labour government back from transforming the British economy into a fair, growth-orientated, balanced place...

Member Policy Group: Conclusions

In May 2014, the Fabian Society played host to four member policy groups to discuss a number of areas from the Labour party's Agenda 2015 policy consultation document.

Ahead of the National Policy Forum on Friday, we publish the proposals advanced...

The cost of the pay gap

Pay for those at the top of our society continues to rise inexorably while average incomes stagnate. The gap between the remuneration of the so-called “super-managers” who run our top businesses and everyone else, is getting ever wider.

A chief executive...

We need growth fueled by rising wages, not more debt

It’s been a lost decade for British workers. Real wages in Britain have been falling for several years now. Adjusted for inflation, wages are back to where they were in 2003.

Part of this decline is due to the post-financial crisis...

We measure GDP, so why not housing affordability?

The housing market can be the difference between financial sustainability and a bust. It can cause forms of inequality to multiply or underpin an egalitarian strategy to reduce poverty. It can lift up a Chancellor’s career in office and help...

Long-term lessons

With the results of May’s elections digested, the end of the current parliament has come into sight. So begins what will be one of the longest ‘long’ general election campaigns for decades. But on the policy issue which has shaped...

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