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Work and business: Fixing Universal Credit

Many like to depict universal credit (UC) as the great British cock-up – a wasteful white elephant that is over-budget, over-time and over-sold by the current government on every occasion. But beyond its many management failures so carefully documented last...

Work and Business: The low pay crisis

The sections on ‘Better workplaces’ and ‘Improving employment rights’ in the Your Britain policy consultation on Work & Business, now in their third iteration, remain extraordinarily weak and woolly. To be doorstep ready, they must become more radical, and more...

Being human: Is greater authenticity in politics possible?

The need for greater authenticity in politics has become a truism, but is it possible?

With the rise of so-called ‘independent minded’ politicians such as Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, Alex Salmond and George Galloway it often seems that the new challenge...

Budget 2014: LIVE BLOG

13.47: The Budget announcement has wound down now so too is the blog. Thanks

13.45: Michael Gove (who made remarks about the number of Old Etonians in the Government in an interview with the FT over the weekend) has been banished...

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