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Crisis in Ukraine: Labour's EU challenge

The current crisis in Ukraine has prompted MPs and commentators of all political persuasions to call for a strong and coordinated EU response. However, they are largely missing the point. With the recent central and eastern European enlargements, the EU's...

Education for 21st century Britain

Can Labour change Britain? The answer is yes. No other political party, no other political movement has done more to shape the modern UK. Labour shaped the last century for the better through its bold and ambitious post-war effort and...

How Labour can change Britain

For the next 14 months everyone within Labour will be focused on keeping the party’s polling lead intact and winning in 2015. But a different disaster could unfold: Labour might come to power, govern badly and leave no impression at...

Storify: Within Reach

[View the story "Within Reach: The new politics of multiple needs and exclusions" on Storify]

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