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Review: The Unbalanced Economy

Barely six months from the general election the Labour party’s relationship with business is, at best, clouded. The ‘no’ campaign’s deployment of business leaders in the last frenetic days of the Scottish referendum is a keen reminder of how dangerous...

Review: The Blunders of our Governments

The Blunders of our Governments by Anthony King and Ivor Crewe, the result of four years research, is a major contribution to the discussion around some of the domestic legacies of both the Thatcher/Major and Blair/Brown governments.

The authors seek to...

Review: Our London

Do young Londoners like me still have the same opportunities as the last generation? That’s one of the questions asked by Shadow London Minister Sadiq Khan in ‘Our London’ – a book devoted to debate and discussion on the future...

Review: One Nation: Power, Hope, Community

‘It’s all about power.  Who’s got it.  Who knows how to use it’  - Buffy Summers

Reading through the essays in ‘One Nation: Power, Hope, Community’ it's clear that Ed Miliband's concept of one nation not only aims to set out...

Working class hero

This Boy is a joy to read. Alan Johnson writes beautifully about his childhood, about growing up in the aftermath of the second world war in slum housing in Kensal Town, but above all, about his wonderful mother, Lily, and...

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