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Why our green space are facing an existential crisis

Over the course of the next parliament, our green spaces face an existential crisis. In rosier economic times, the last Labour government embarked on a major program of investment in the public realm. There was not just a sense that...

Unanswered questions on devolved healthcare in Manchester

As the media was excited this week with news of Staffordshire plans for a £1.2bn sell-off of patient care without proper consultation, the worry that the NHS is increasingly heading towards privatisation feels very real.

However, privatisation is not the only...

Labour and Europe: A time for conviction

In his speech at the Labour party conference in September 2014, Ed Miliband said:

Better together, across the United Kingdom. But also better together, true to our traditions of internationalism. And nowhere is this more true than when it comes to...

Top five lessons from 2013: Environment & Citizenship

It’s been a great year for our Environment & Citizenship programme. In January 2013 the policy review under John Cruddas asked the Fabian Society to explore how Labour builds a popular environmentalism. In a packed Westminster Hall committee room over...

Labour needs a global climate strategy now

With its signature pledge to freeze UK energy prices proving popular, and the release of important commitments on energy market reform, decarbonisation, and security of supply, Labour’s shadow energy and climate team are firing on all cylinders.

All except one: global...

Freezing energy prices: The facts

Politics is not won and lost in PMQs performances. Politics is something that happens in the homes and workplaces of people across the country. And right now it’s at the kitchen table where many families are making the choice between...

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