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The Future of Tax

Launched in January 2015, ‘The Future of Tax’ explored the credible options for radical tax reform in the next parliament

The green thread

In an evolving and fragmented devolution policy landscape, green infrastructure can be the ‘green thread’ that binds devo deals together, writes Ed Wallis. 

For a long time, the environment has found itself cast to the periphery of political debate. The hopeful...

Lib-Dem Conference: Adonis raises the stakes

Earlier today a panel of leading Labour and Liberal Democrat voices debated the nature of pluralism in our politics. The Fabians and Centre:Forum asked, is the future plural? Lord Adonis, Ming Campbell, Jon Cruddas and Jo Swinson all said yes,...

Lessons learned: Building a new economy

In his first speech as leader of the Labour party, Ed Miliband said “we face a choice: we can return to business as usual or we can challenge old thinking to build a new economy”. Recent polling published by the Fabian...

A new Treasury view

There has always been a strand in Labour thinking that has had it in for the Treasury.

The argument goes that all that is holding a victorious Labour government back from transforming the British economy into a fair, growth-orientated, balanced place...

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