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The Future of Tax

Launched in January 2015, ‘The Future of Tax’ explored the credible options for radical tax reform in the next parliament

The green thread

In an evolving and fragmented devolution policy landscape, green infrastructure can be the ‘green thread’ that binds devo deals together, writes Ed Wallis. 

For a long time, the environment has found itself cast to the periphery of political debate. The hopeful...

Why Scotland's white paper missed the mark

As Alex Salmond launched the white paper this week, he proclaimed that it was a “mission statement and a prospectus for the kind of country we should be and which this government believes we can be.”

Now, I am a self-confessed...

Why England matters

Who are we? An answer has rarely seemed so imperative. Later this year, a closely-contested referendum will determine whether or not Britain leaves the EU. If the vote is for an exit, then the pro-European Scottish government may make another...

How a new government should work with the Middle East

Present day Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel/Palestine and Saudi Arabia were part of the Turkish Empire for more than 400 years.  Much of this area is desert, but it also includes the “cradle of civilization” along the great Tigris and...

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