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Top five lessons from 2013: The future of government

1. We’re all fiscal hawks now
2013 confirmed that all the political parties are fiscal hawks now. The choice is which shade of austerity. Ed Balls first hinted at the pain to come if Labour returns to office at the 2012...

Five things we learned about the economy in 2014

1.       This is a new kind of recovery
When is a recovery not a recovery? This year the UK’s growth has taken off in a way quite unlike the aftermath of previous recessions.

Your view of the performance of the economy in...

The last of the one nation Tories

He might not know it, but Matthew D’Ancona is – at least if you are a Labour supporter – one of the most dangerous men in Britain.  That’s because, along with other journalists like Danny Finkelstein, Ian Birrell, and Peter...

Our London: On the day

To celebrate the publication of the new Fabian Society pamphlet ‘Our London’, we thought it crucial to hold an informal roundtable/on-floor discussion to inspire the capitals progressive policy for 2015, and beyond.

Hosted alongside the pamphlets partners Unions Together and The...

Fabian review of the year

It’s been a very busy 2012 at the Fabian Society and, looking back, it feels like the political landscape has transformed. This year we set about arming the Labour party with the raw material for its political renewal, including the...

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