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Fairness, responsibility and social mobility

17 September 2012

When can we legitimately hold individuals responsible for an action or a behaviour? Much of the recent thought on fairness and responsibility comes from a particular direction. While such thoughts are generally not punitive in their origin or motivation, their results...

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It does happen here

17 September 2012

Save the Children’s recent report It shouldn’t happen here set out the type of hardship and deprivation we must work towards ending for good, but eradicating relative child poverty must remain the end goal. No child in the UK should...

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Obama’s polling lead in Ohio, Florida and Virginia may be bigger than we think

14 September 2012

I awaited with bated breath last night’s NBC/WSJ/Marist polling numbers  for the Presidential race in the top three battleground states: Ohio, Florida and Virgina. And as an Obama supporter I was delighted. But scratch beneath the surface and these stats...

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Predistribution: The important idea with a bad name

13 September 2012

David Cameron confirmed yesterday that predistribution is now a Westminster watchword, the term finding its way into the Prime Minister’s questionable routine at PMQs. With pleasure Miliband informed his opponent that the idea represented that which the government hasn’t delivered:...

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No right turn

13 September 2012

Our latest Fabian Society report, "No Right Turn" demonstrates that, in the eyes of the public, the state is far more popular and less ‘problematic’ than conventional political wisdom would have us believe. When it comes to arguments for or...

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Fairness and equality are essential ingredients for a successful society

12 September 2012

Fairness matters. People know it when they see it. Fairness, however, is not the same thing as equality and we need both if we are going to be not only a decent society, but a successful country. So, why would fairness...

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