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Closer to the grassroots

22 March 2019

RAZA GRIFFITHS: The Conservative’s, Liberal Democrats’ and Labour’s mental health strategies do not properly consider the needs and experiences of black and minority ethnic communities.

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Fair for the future

20 March 2019

SAM ROYSTON: Few questions in the social security system matter more than how benefits increase over time, but there is currently very little consistency or coherence in how this is calculated. We need a better approach.

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Rising pressures

18 March 2019

JASMINE BASRAN: Since 2010 rough sleeping in England has increased by 165 per cent, despite a small drop of 2 per cent in the last 12 months. Social security must change to support the delivery of decent and affordable housing for all.

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The best investment

14 March 2019

LOUISA MCGEEHAN: Child poverty is not inevitable. To prevent it, a first priority for government must be reinvesting in children.

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Major repairs

12 March 2019

STEPHEN TIMMS MP: The hardship inflicted by universal credit does not arise from its basic principles. Labour can turn this new system into a tool for fighting poverty.

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Making a stand

11 March 2019

STEPHEN BRADLEY: A new direction for Labour’s traditional Northern Irish allies the SDLP suggests Labour should consider fighting elections in the region again.

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