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A Changing Wales

18 July 2018

VAUGHAN GETHING: Wales needs a Labour government with a long-term strategy to make it fairer, stronger, and ready for the challenge of a changing world.

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The right to try

17 July 2018

ANYA SIZER: The right to try for a family needs to be for the many not the few.

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Walking a fine line

12 July 2018

ANDREW HARROP: When it comes to local taxation and the geographic distribution of public money, Labour has a choice between incremental revision and radical reform.

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Striking a balance

9 July 2018

ROSS CAMPBELL: There is an imbalance in the UK economy, as commercial activity is heavily skewed towards London and the Southeast. Increased devolution is desirable, but may not lead to stronger businesses in all regions.

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The austerity shortfall

5 July 2018

HOWARD REED: A future Labour government will certainly wish to increase public spending. But where is extra money most needed?

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Take Good Care

4 July 2018

Spending on support for older people in England will need to rise by £35 billion to meet frail pensioners’ support and care needs by 2030, a new Fabian Society report reveals.

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