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Revolt on the Left

Labour's Ukip problem and how it can be overcome

Labour's answer to the UKIP challenge must engage on matters of policy, message and organisation alike.
By Marcus Roberts, incorporating research from Rob Ford and Ian Warren
October 2014

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Autumn 2014

Fabian Review

How the next Labour manifesto can reshape Britain. Andrew Harrop writes on Labour’s new statecraft and Margaret Hodge MP and Dan Jarvis MP comment on the challenges facing a new generation of Labour MPs PLUS Mary Riddell speaks to Jim Murphy MP.

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A Convenient Truth

A better society for us and the planet

Politics can provide us with a different future and the transition to environmental sustainability is not only within our grasp, but will be better for all of us.
By Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett
September 2014

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Silent Majority

How the public will support a new wave of social housing

New social housing in the UK is a popular idea, as this research shows.
By Natan Doron and Robert Tinker.
September 2014

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Summer 2014

Fabian Review

The Fabian Review examines the Treasury’s dominant position in UK policymaking and outlines reforms to help make progressive promises a reality with Dan Corry, Colin Thain, Giles Wilkes, Stian Westlake, Christine Berry and others. Keir Starmer and Francesca Klug defend the human rights act and Mary Riddell interviews Labour rising star Lisa Nandy.

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Letting in the Light

Lessons from Labour's police and crime commissioners

Labour's police and crime commissioners have worked hard to get the most benefit for the public from the role, even as funding for police and community safety has been cut. Here they set out their experiences.
Edited by Vera Baird
August 2014

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Europe was the future once

And how it can be once again

All the traditional arguments for Europe have been turned on their heads. This pamphlet sets out a new strategy to reinvent the pro-European cause.
By Mark Leonard
August 2014

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The politics of rebuilding Britain

Community engagement and consent

By listening to the needs of local people and gradually earning their trust, a new and genuine partnership can be built between the private sector, the state and local communities.
By Marcus Roberts
August 2014

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Labour's Fightback

Changing Britain by 2020

The policies recommended in this report form a radical manifesto for the left, although one still bound by fiscal and economic reality.
By Andrew Harrop
June 2014

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Labour's Next Majority

A constituency guide

The national political picture matters hugely, but never underestimate the importance of well-organised local campaigns in affecting the result of a constituency election. This is a step by step guide to running a scientifically targeted and organised campaign.
By Marcus Roberts, with a foreword by Sadiq Khan
June 2014

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Pride of Place

Land, community and a popular environmentalism

Instead of focusing on the abstract and transnational in environmental politics, we need to build out from people’s pride in their sense of place. People need to be able to see the change they wish there to be in the world.
By Natan Doron and Ed Wallis
June 2014

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Spring 2014

Fabian Review

Could a new wave of Conservative modernisation sink Labour?

The Fabian Review investigates emerging Tory trends, with Paul Goodman, Rob Halfon MP, Isabel Hardman, Kirsty McNeill, Tim Montgomerie, Duncan O’Leary and Laura Sandys MP PLUS Mary Riddell speaks to Lord Ashcroft.

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Back to Earth

Reconnecting people and politics

The left has a special stake in ensuring faith in politics endures. Power needs to be felt at a local level before people will feel that they have a stake nationally.
Edited by Ania Skrzypek-Claassens and Ed Wallis
April 2014

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Labour's campaigning revolution

Campaigning is continuous, faster, online and more democratic - and people-to-people engagement is more important than ever.
Edited by Marcus Roberts
April 2014

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Measure for measure

Economic indicators for a fair and prosperous society

These proposed measures are not ends in themselves, but means to delivering the resources and capabilities people need to lead a good life. If the aim is to achieve major structural change to the economy, we should state clearly, in numbers, what types of shifts matter and what degree of change might constitute success.
By Andrew Harrop and Robert Tinker.
March 2014

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How Labour can change Britain

Ten priorities for a future government

Exploring some of the key ideas - from the economy to climate change and from education to housing - that could transform Britain for the better.
Edited by Anya Pearson
March 2014

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Within Reach

The new politics of multiple needs and exclusions

How can we create the change for the most vulnerable in our society? This collection showcases ideas about how to support people with multiple needs.
Edited by Oliver Hilbery and Ed Wallis
March 2014

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One Nation in the World

A new foreign policy for the left

New realities can offer new possibilities. This collection explores the choices, strategy and values that can guide the next Labour government.
Edited by Marcus Roberts and Ulrich Storck
February 2014

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