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Double vision

ALAN WHITEHEAD MP: A Labour government would look both outwards and inwards to tackle climate change.

Warming reforms

THERESA GRIFFIN MEP: Steps are being taken to tackle energy poverty across Europe and the UK must play an active role, now and post-Brexit.

Taking action against fuel poverty

As British Gas shareholders gather at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference centre in Westminster today for the Centrica AGM, so too will protesters from over 20 anti-austerity, anti-privitisation and environmental groups.

Under the banner of 'Bin British Gas: Put Power in...

2014, Labour's year of...reducing energy poverty

Since Ed Miliband announced Labour’s plan for a 20 month energy price freeze at Labour conference in Brighton energy has never strayed far from the top of the political agenda.

Freezing prices for 20 months, whilst we implement our broader package...

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