The future of the left since 1884


The Fabian Society’s programme seeks to drive the intellectual renewal of the left in Britain.


We assess the key political and policy challenges that face the UK over the next 10 to 15 years and propose responses that are rooted in our values and history. We generate the ideas and strategy needed to ensure that the Labour party is in a position to win power and govern well, locally and nationally.

Our research, editorial and events projects focus on THREE core themes:

1. The left, politics and the future of Britain

What does Labour need to do to win power and govern well? How can the left reconnect with communities and bridge divides? How can social democracy and the Fabian tradition adapt and flourish? How is political culture and the practice of politics changing? How should our politics and democracy change to expand power and participation? Does ‘Britain’ have a future and what powers should flow to its nations, regions, cities and towns? How can the UK build a close, strong partnership with the rest of Europe? How can the UK be a good global citizen?

2. The state, collectivism and inequality

How should the welfare state change to meet the challenges of the 2020s and support everyone to thrive, from cradle to grave? How can government tackle economic and social inequality, in all its dimensions, through regulation, taxation and public spending? How can new models of public services and collective ownership best serve the public interest, with collective institutions beyond the market that are empowering, collaborative, and accountable? How should community action and civil society shape communities, conserve environments and work alongside the state? How can government and communities achieve integration and cohesion in society?

3. Good work, sustainable prosperity

How is work changing, what does this mean for workers and employers and how should politics and the labour movement respond? How should the government support fairer, more diverse workplaces and better skills, pay and job security? What will it take for living standards to grow sustainably and for workers to fully share in the rewards of innovation, technology and business success? How can we ensure that today’s young people have better opportunities and living standards than their parents? How can people, businesses and government work in partnership to achieve goals including environmental sustainability, good work and long-term economic progress?


We are always interested in discussing new projects within these themes. Find out about partnerships with the Fabian Society or writing for the Fabians.

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