The future of the left since 1884


The Fabian Society’s programme seeks to drive the intellectual renewal of the left in Britain.


We are assessing the key political and policy challenges that face the UK over the next 10 to 15 years and proposing responses that are rooted in our values and history. We are generating the ideas and strategy needed to ensure that the Labour party is in a position to win power and govern well, locally and nationally.

Our research, editorial and events projects focus on five core themes:

1. Facing the Future – the left in the 2020s

2. Shared prosperity – sustainable growth, responsible business and answers to inequality

3. Changing work – progressive ideas for the modern world of work

4. Britain’s future – identity, constitution and the UK’s place in the world

5. Together – public services, communities and collective endeavour

We are always interested in discussing new projects within these themes. Find out about partnerships with the Fabian Society or writing for the Fabians.

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