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Restless Pursuit

21 May 2018

DAVID BETZ: How scared should we be?

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Let’s be bold

17 May 2018

ANAS SARWAR MSP: We can tackle the problems people with mental illness face.

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light at end of tunnel

Permeating politics

16 May 2018

PHOEBE DOWNING: The early Fabians soon earned a big reputation – even if it was not always an entirely positive one.

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For better or worse?

14 May 2018

ANDREW HARROP: As the Supreme Court hears the case for equal civil partnerships, our general secretary argues that inequality runs deep within the institution of marriage.

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From flat caps to flat whites

15 May 2018

A gulf has opened up between our politicians and many of those they represent. LUKE JOHN DAVIES looks at how social democracy was gentrified.

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Keeping the peace

11 May 2018

DARYL G KIMBALL: It's time for Europe to step forward and counter Trump's Iran deal debacle.

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Expectation management

11 May 2018

MATT SINGH: There is nothing inevitable about Labour winning the next general election.

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Opinion car

The compromise of the machines

10 May 2018

HARRY FARMER: To make artificial intelligence work, we’ll need to tweak our model of democracy.

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The turning tide

9 May 2018

LORETTA LEES: The state-led gentrification of council estates has alienated many residents from their – often Labour-run – local authorities.

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Negotiating the red lines

8 May 2018

ANDY TARRANT: Is Jeremy Corbyn’s position on Brexit, nationalisation and our domestic industries reasonable?

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Raising the bar front cover

Raising the bar

How household incomes can grow the way they used to

What do we need to do to get household incomes growing the way they used to before the financial crash? This collection explores how to create the sustainable economic growth that will be needed if living standards are to rise significantly.
Edited ...

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A New Collectivism

How private sector trade unions can innovate and grow

How trade unions can modernise to meet the challenges of the changing world of work.
Edited by Cameron Tait and Tobias Phibbs
December 2017

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Life Lessons

A National Education Service that leaves no adult behind

How Labour’s National Education Service can be brought to life.

Edited by Kate Murray
December 2017

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New Tricks

Innovative approaches to lifelong learning

Innovative approaches to lifelong learning around the globe could inspire a renaissance in skills training for UK workers.
By Cameron Tait
December 2017

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Labour Country

How to reconnect with rural communities

Labour must reconnect with the politics and culture of the countryside to be confident of winning the next general election.
By Tobias Phibbs
March 2018

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