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Common sense

13 November 2018

EMMA BURNELL: Confident Labour ministers can bring people with them.

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Antisocial media

12 November 2018

AREEQ CHOWDHURY AND TESS WOOLFENDEN: To defeat online abuse once and for all, should we suspend social media platforms?

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Power to the people

9 November 2018

TOBIA CHARLES: In Labour’s long-term energy strategy, remunicipalisation is the message that matters.

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The magnitude of the youthquake

8 November 2018

JAMES SLOAM AND MATT HENN: New generations of young adults are more cosmopolitan than older generations. If this trend continues, it will transform the political landscape.

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Time for a plan

6 November 2018

KEVIN COURTNEY: Building a new education system demands vision and courage.

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5 November 2018

Join us at the People's History Museum in Manchester for a half day conference and the Annual General Meeting.

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A party for the many?

1 November 2018

MORENIKE ADELEKE: It’s easy to see why BAME women feel politics isn’t for them.

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Fit for Purpose

31 October 2018

ROY KENNEDY: Electoral law needs to change to keep up with technology.

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Book review

A vision to plan for

30 October 2018

HYWEL LLOYD reviews Shaun Spiers’ How to Build Houses and Save the Countryside.

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Turning the tables

29 October 2018

FAIZA SHAHEEN: Injustice in our labour market is home-grown and can be fixed if we give workers power.

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The Fiscal Alternative

Public finance choices for the left

A new Fabian Society report, published ahead of the 2018 Budget, calls today for a comprehensive change in direction for UK fiscal policy.

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Growing up in the 2020s

Preparing children for the changes and challenges ahead

This report asks how children’s lives are changing and how politics should respond to make sure that young people in the next decade have good childhoods and are ready to lead fulfilling, productive adult lives.

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Beyond Brexit

The left's agenda for the UK and EU

The left must broaden the conversation so that it has a plan to tackle the social and economic drivers of Brexit, and a vision for a close working relationship with the EU.

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Autumn 2018

Fabian Review

This edition of the Fabian Review focuses on what a radical Labour party in government could do to ensure its success with Angela Eagle, Faiza Shaheen and Paul Mason plus Emma Burnell talks to Jon Trickett.

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For The Many?

Understanding and uniting Labour's core supporters

New analysis of parliamentary constituencies in England and Wales has revealed that Labour’s support has been rising for years in big cities but has dropped in the most working class seats.

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