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3 December 2018

Taking place just two months before the UK is scheduled to leave the EU, the conference will focus on the next stages of the Brexit negotiations and what a Labour government can do to transform post-Brexit Britain.

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Manifesto for change

14 December 2018

EMMA DELMAYNE: The message loud and clear from the current government is that we – autistic people - do not matter.

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The three pillars

12 December 2018

ROWENNA DAVIS: Shared institutions, shared stories and shared opportunities can bring individuals and communities together.

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Dereliction of duty

11 December 2018

STEVEN LONGDEN: Proposals to abolish privately funded schools are being actively resisted by the Labour party.

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Emotional connection

7 December 2018

HARRY FARMER: AI and robotics in care could allow the elderly to retain meaningful human relationships.

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Relieving pressure

30 November 2018

JULIE COOPER: To support GPs, an obvious starting point is to mobilise the community pharmacy sector.

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For the privileged few

29 November 2018

KARIN SMYTH MP: Let’s say it how it is. Private schools are holding our communities back.

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Mind the gap

28 November 2018

HANNAH PHILLIPS: The pension gap must form an important part of the gender equality debate.

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Uniting a nation divided

23 November 2018

JOHN DENHAM: If we want to build a country for the many not the few, we need a shared responsibility towards each other.

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Intelligent taxes

22 November 2018

MARY HONEYBALL MEP: In the reality of automation, it becomes clear that the Labour party must rethink how it approaches tax policy.

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The Fiscal Alternative

Public finance choices for the left

A new Fabian Society report, published ahead of the 2018 Budget, calls today for a comprehensive change in direction for UK fiscal policy.

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Growing up in the 2020s

Preparing children for the changes and challenges ahead

This report asks how children’s lives are changing and how politics should respond to make sure that young people in the next decade have good childhoods and are ready to lead fulfilling, productive adult lives.

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Beyond Brexit

The left's agenda for the UK and EU

The left must broaden the conversation so that it has a plan to tackle the social and economic drivers of Brexit, and a vision for a close working relationship with the EU.

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Autumn 2018

Fabian Review

This edition of the Fabian Review focuses on what a radical Labour party in government could do to ensure its success with Angela Eagle, Faiza Shaheen and Paul Mason plus Emma Burnell talks to Jon Trickett.

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For The Many?

Understanding and uniting Labour's core supporters

New analysis of parliamentary constituencies in England and Wales has revealed that Labour’s support has been rising for years in big cities but has dropped in the most working class seats.

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