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Fair for the future

20 March 2019

SAM ROYSTON: Few questions in the social security system matter more than how benefits increase over time, but there is currently very little consistency or coherence in how this is calculated. We need a better approach.

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Rising pressures

18 March 2019

JASMINE BASRAN: Since 2010 rough sleeping in England has increased by 165 per cent, despite a small drop of 2 per cent in the last 12 months. Social security must change to support the delivery of decent and affordable housing for all.

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The best investment

14 March 2019

LOUISA MCGEEHAN: Child poverty is not inevitable. To prevent it, a first priority for government must be reinvesting in children.

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Major repairs

12 March 2019

STEPHEN TIMMS MP: The hardship inflicted by universal credit does not arise from its basic principles. Labour can turn this new system into a tool for fighting poverty.

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Making a stand

11 March 2019

STEPHEN BRADLEY: A new direction for Labour’s traditional Northern Irish allies the SDLP suggests Labour should consider fighting elections in the region again.

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What works?

8 March 2019

ANJUM KLAIR AND KATE BELL: Social security needs to do less of the heavy lifting to tackle in-work poverty.

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The eye of the pensions storm

6 March 2019

NICK SMITH MP: The government and key financial regulators need to do far more to protect people against rogue financial advice.

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Paths to universality

5 March 2019

RUTH LISTER: Our social security system gets the balance wrong between means-testing, universalism and contribution. Could basic income provide a way forward?

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Smooth transitions

1 March 2019

CHRISTOPHER BROOKS AND SALLY WEST: Pensioner poverty levels have started to rise. Our social security system and other areas of public policy need urgent reform.

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Reforming the plan

27 February 2019

HELEN HAYES MP: A new planning bill could help end the housing crisis.

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Minds at Work

Making mental health a priority in the changing world of work

Job insecurity, prejudice and ignorance are driving Britain’s workplace mental health crisis, according to a new report from the Fabian Society.

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Primary colours

The decline of arts education in primary schools and how it can be reversed

A new Fabian Society report Primary Colours reveals that two thirds (68%) of primary school teachers in England say there is less arts education now than in 2010, and half (49%) say the quality of what there is has got worse.

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Winter 2018

Fabian Review

This edition of the Fabian Review focuses on new ideas to renew the centre-left with Matthew Laza, Liz Kendall MP and Daniel Sleat plus Kate Murray talks to Lisa Nandy MP.

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A Warranted Response

Brexit, human rights and the European Arrest Warrant

A new Fabian Society report, published as Brexit negotiations reach a crunch point, calls for a new UK-EU extradition framework which ensures respect for human rights.

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The Fiscal Alternative

Public finance choices for the left

A new Fabian Society report, published ahead of the 2018 Budget, calls today for a comprehensive change in direction for UK fiscal policy.

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Growing up in the 2020s

Preparing children for the changes and challenges ahead

This report asks how children’s lives are changing and how politics should respond to make sure that young people in the next decade have good childhoods and are ready to lead fulfilling, productive adult lives.

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Beyond Brexit

The left's agenda for the UK and EU

The left must broaden the conversation so that it has a plan to tackle the social and economic drivers of Brexit, and a vision for a close working relationship with the EU.

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New Brooms

Ideas for reforming Westminster from Labour's 2017 intake

11 Labour MPs elected in 2017 have come together to propose a series of measures to reform parliament. New Brooms, edited by James Frith MP and published by the Fabian Society, puts the experiences and insights of these new MPs at the heart of the de...

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A Picture of Health

The NHS at 70 and its future

What does the NHS need to ensure it survives another 70 years and beyond? This report explores a comprehensive agenda for the future of the NHS looking at how it is funded, organised and reformed.
Edited by Jonathan Ashworth MP
July 2018

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