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On the frontline

29 May 2020

ANNTOINETTE BRAMBLE: Power to change lives lies with Labour-run councils.

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Leading the world

26 May 2020

BENJAMIN WARD: The UK is inconsistent in its commitment to human rights. If we truly want to be a force for good in this world, greater cooperation is vital.

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Confidence in councils

15 May 2020

PHILIP GLANVILLE: Local government should lead on the next phase of coronavirus testing.

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A real stake for workers

14 May 2020

Inclusive ownership funds have been promoted by many on the left as a way of giving employees more say in the way businesses are run. But is there a better means to a fairer end? Ciaran Driver takes a look

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On the edge

20 May 2020

GRACE QUANTOCK: The coronavirus crisis has shifted many more people to the margins of society

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Muddled metaphors

11 May 2020

ELINOR CLARK: Leaders must stop using war rhetoric during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Another London is possible

7 May 2020

RAYHAN HAQUE: On the day the capital was due to vote for its mayor, it is time to reflect on the city we want after the crisis.

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Not business as usual

7 May 2020

SONNY LEONG proposes a bold and fresh industrial strategy for Labour.

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Progressives in the pandemic

6 May 2020

DONATELLA DELLA PORTA: Demands being made during the Covid-19 crisis can shape our post-pandemic world for the better.

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The new tribalism

4 May 2020

DAVID LAMMY MP: To combat polarisation, British identity must be rebuilt with inclusiveness, openness and hope at its centre.

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Let Us Face The Future Again

Wes Streeting MP

After a disastrous election result, Wes Streeting MP sets out a Labour programme which can win again and, in so doing, improve the lives of millions. In the spirit of the 1945 Labour manifesto, he suggests it is time for Labour to face the future aga...

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Path to power

The Fabian leadership essays

As Labour members and supporters cast their votes for the person they most trust to meet the challenges ahead, we asked all three leadership contenders to set out their priorities for leading the party back to power. Here, Rebecca Long-Bailey, Lisa N...

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Framing the Future

A new pensions commission

A joint report from the Fabian Society and Bright Blue calls for a new pensions commission and presents plans for how it should work

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Where next?

Reforming social security over the next 10 years

A revolution in social security is needed after the general election including a 1-year emergency plan and a 10-year blueprint for reform, according to a new Fabian Society report published after 9 months of consultation.

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People not problems

Politicians respond to five experiences of severe and multiple disadvantage

People not Problems sets out the real-life challenges of those facing severe and multiple disadvantage and asks policymakers to respond.

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Everyday Socialism

How to rebuild Britain

Good jobs, responsible employers and prosperous communities are the foundation of a thriving economy. How can we ensure that they are available to everyone, no matter where they live?

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Beyond affordability

What tenants want from rent controls

New Fabian Society research reveals that renters’ support for rent controls is motivated by more than just saving money, with the results suggesting private renters want rent regulation to tackle insecurity and unfair treatment.

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Progressive federalism

A different way of looking at the UK

A new Fabian Society report argues progressive federalism is better than independence for Scotland.

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Capital gains

A global city in a changing world

Capital Gains presents proposals to Sadiq Khan for his second term as London mayor.

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