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Member policy groups

Fabian member policy groups are member-led networks that explore policy issues in detail


If you have experience, expertise or an interest in developing policy debate, then please join one of our member policy groups. As the UK’s only member-led think tank, we want our members to have an active role in developing policy and political ideas to shape the future of the left.

Member policy groups set their own programmes and priorities. Existing groups hold private policy discussions, publish articles and host public events. Policy groups give members the opportunity to create real impact.

NEW GROUPS FORMING – Scroll down to find out how to join.

There are currently three groups, please contact the convener to join the group:

International policy

Foreign affairs, international development and defence. Contact: Rayhan Haque

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Health and care 

The future of the NHS, mental health, public health and social care. Contact: Rose Gray

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Children’s wellbeing, education & development, early years to the end of school; post-19 learning & skills. Contact: Brian Matthews

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Fabian Futures

A new Fabian members’ policy group focusing on what long-term trends might mean for future left-wing governments, such as technological disruption, and environmental and demographic change. Contact: Harry Farmer 


New groups 

We are keen to establish further groups and warmly encourage Fabian members to volunteer to help establish new groups. In particular we are keen for expressions of interest in the following areas:

  • Economic and business policy
  • Environment and transport
  • Home affairs
  • Law and constitution
  • Local government
  • Science and technology
  • Socialist and Fabian history

If you are interested in helping to form a new policy group please fill out the form below. We will connect together everyone with an interest in each topic and provide all the guidance and tools you’ll need for the group to succeed.

YES! I'd like to help set up a new group

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