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There are over 7,000 members of the Fabian Society. Our members join us because they share our values, take pride in our history and support our work


Join the Fabian Society

Fabian members receive a subscription to the Fabian Review and our quarterly pamphlets and policy reports as well as access to fantastic political events and member activities in every corner of the country. Find out about the benefits of membership.


Upgrade your membership

Fabian members are warmly encouraged to upgrade their membership subscription to include a regular donation. Additional donations to the society are used exclusively to pay for political research projects on the renewal of the left.


By members, for members

Fabian members organise a huge range of activities each year, working through autonomous member-led sections of the society. Find out about:

Keep up-to-date with the latest news and analysis from our networks on their blogs.

We also organise member policy groups on key topics for Fabians with relevant personal experience and professional expertise.

Local Fabian Societies

Every Fabian member is warmly invited to the meetings of our local Fabian Societies. Local Fabian societies are independent local affiliates of the Fabian Society which organise their own programme of events.

Keep us up to date

Please login to the members’ area using your email address to sign-up to one of our policy group mailing lists or to tell us about a change of address, email or telephone number. If you want to move your membership between our standard and concession rates, or have any other inquiries please contact us at or 020 7227 4904.

Get involved

Find out about how you can get involved in our work. We have opportunities to write or to volunteer for the Fabians. Members can also seek election to our democratically-elected executive committees.

Organisational affiliations and subscriptions

Organisations in sympathy with our values can affiliate to the society – for example trade unions and units of the Labour party. Non-political organisations can take an institutional subscription. Email us to subscribe or affiliate.


Join the Fabian Society today and help shape the future of the left.

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Fabian membership

Join the Fabian Society today and help shape the future of the left

You’ll receive the quarterly Fabian Review and at least four reports or pamphlets each year sent to your door

Be a part of the debate at Fabian conferences and events and join one of our network of local Fabian societies

Join the Fabian Society
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