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Replace ‘furlough’ with permanent earnings-based unemployment benefit

5 September 2021

Fabian Society research finds strong public backing for improved help when people who lose their job

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Labour must restore broken trust in public spending

15 July 2021

Labour should radically review how spending is assessed and audited in order to restore public trust, according to a new report.

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‘Culture wars’ are created by politicians, new report finds

12 July 2021

New research for the Fabian Society reveals that in Britain the so-called ‘culture wars’ are driven by politicians, media outlets and social media platforms rather than reflecting actual attitude divides amongst the public.

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MPs join forces to call for better and fairer access to parental leave

8 July 2021

Conservative and Labour MPs join forces to call for better and fairer access to parental leave

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Over 700,000 people in working or disabled households to be pulled into poverty by universal credit cuts

17 February 2021

New Fabian Society research finds that the huge majority of people hit by the chancellor’s planned UC cuts are in working or disabled households.

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Flawed funding of arts and culture undermines regions’ chance to thrive post-Covid

7 September 2020

New analysis from the Fabian Society reveals that centralised public funding of arts and culture is not working, by failing to treat areas consistently, and disproportionately favouring national institutions

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