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About local Fabian societies

Each local Fabian society is different but they all share our standards and values.


There are 45 local Fabian societies across England, organising meetings and events and providing a forum for political discussion and debate. In Scotland and Wales local societies work with the Scottish Fabians and Welsh Fabians who have their own programme of activities.

Each local society is different. Some hold small meetings in a member’s home while others attract close to 100 people. They organise meetings with guest speakers, members’ discussions and social events. They are all required to meet expectations laid out by the national Fabian Society in order to be recognised as a local Fabian society (these requirements are set out in the rules of the society).

Meetings of local societies are open to all members of the national Fabian Society, wherever they live. Local societies also have their own members, including some who are members of the national society and some who are not. Members of local societies are entitled to vote in national Fabian Society ballots, while only local members are entitled to vote in local society ballots.

As is the case with the national society, full members of local Fabian societies cannot be members of political parties that are opposed to the Labour party. Local Fabian Societies are frequently affiliated to nearby units of the Labour party and work closely with these local parties. When this is the case members of the local society are able to take part in local Labour party decision making in the same way as members of trade union branches (members of the national society cannot take part).

If there is not a group in your area, you might want to consider setting one up. Our local societies officer, Deborah Stoate, provides intensive support to new societies as they get themselves off the ground. Contact here to find out more:

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