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30 April 2024

Cost Cutters

The recent cost-of-living crisis and fall in living standards has been unprecedented in living memory. And while the rate of inflation may have fallen, families are still struggling to pick up the pieces from the past two years as prices continue to tick upwards.
Global economic shocks, such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine, are the main cause of rapidly rising prices around the world – including in the UK. But people are also paying higher prices here because of unfair industry practices, or to compensate for market problems they did not cause. The ‘poverty premium’ is perhaps the most egregious example: millions are forced to pay higher prices, and sometimes go without as a result, because they have a low income.
This report sets out how the UK can address the poverty premium and make markets work for low-income families. It sets out the scale of the poverty premium before looking at the reasons why markets, regulators and the government fail families. We identify a number of recommendations to help people to keep more of their money in their pockets and rebuild financial security for all consumers.

Cost Cutters Poverty

When I'm 64

17 April 2024

Sasjkia Otto looks at the roots of pre-retirement poverty and presents a strategy to address it.

When I’m 64 Poverty / Employment / Pensions

Caring for Carers

26 February 2024

This paper offers a number of policy options for consideration following a review of recent proposals to increase protections for carers.

Caring for Carers Social security / Social Care

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The Fabian Review

Spring 2024, Volume 136 - No.1

This edition of the Fabian Review celebrates 140 years of Fabianism, featuring Keir Starmer MP, Sadiq Khan, Stella Creasy MP, Anas Sarwar MSP, and many more. In conversation with Kate Murray, Fabian general secretaries past and present discuss John Smith, splits, and the weight of history. Elsewhere, Michael Shanks MP asks how we can restore trust in politics, and Jane Hutt MS reflects on the legacy of Mark Drakeford's government.

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Views from the Top

22 May 2024

Five Fabian general secretaries, past and present, discuss John Smith, splits, and the weight of history in conversation with KATE MURRAY

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Securing tomorrow

21 May 2024

In the latest instalment of his Planning for Power series, ANDREW HARROP sets out the work a new Labour government will need to do on pension reform

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Onwards and upwards – Vol 3

17 May 2024

The third online instalment of Onwards and Upwards, a celebration of 140 years of Fabianism originally published in the Spring 2024 Fabian Review. Featuring MICHAEL CRICK, FARIDAH ZAMAN and more

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At the helm

8 May 2024

CIARAN DRIVER & PETER KENWAY: Labour's embrace of active industrial strategy can count on widespread support, including from businesses. But the details may need further thought - and labour interests must be included, argue Ciaran Driver and Peter Kenway

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New frontiers

3 May 2024

LEANNE WERNER: The urban agriculture movement sweeping North American cities has lessons for the UK

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Onwards and upwards - Vol 2

1 May 2024

The second online instalment of Onwards and Upwards, a celebration of 140 years of Fabianism. Featuring ANAS SARWAR MSP, DAVID BLUNKETT and more

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When I'm 64

A strategy to tackle poverty before state pension age

Fabian Society senior researcher Sasjkia Otto looks at the roots of pre-retirement poverty and presents a strategy to address it.

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Caring for Carers

Policy options for carers' employment and financial protections

Fabian Society researcher Eloise Sacares and general secretary Andrew Harrop present a series of policy options for the employment and financial protections of unpaid carers.

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Climbing the Mountain

Labour's key battlegrounds at the next election

This report identifies 150 non-Labour seats on the new boundaries which will likely make up a very high proportion of the constituencies that Labour will target at the next election.

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Equal Footing

Why we cannot afford to ignore inequality

Anneliese Dodds MP explains how Labour's ambitious agenda to tackle inequality will benefit us all.

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Whatever the Weather

A progressive strategy for climate resilience and adaptation

Fabian Society researcher Eloise Sacares makes the case for climate adaptation, identifying three key areas of life which will be severely impacted by climate change and in which practical changes in government policy could make a significant differe...

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The Final Furlong

What do the public want from the next election?

In spite of Labour's extremely strong polling numbers over the past year, there has been continuing media speculation about a hung parliament. The Fabian Society undertook research during summer 2023 to understand voters’ preferred election outcomes...

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By the People, With the People

How the NHS can work with us to make us partners in our own health

In this pamphlet, Charlotte Augst and Paul Corrigan set out to identify the factors that have scuppered progress on health system reform, and refine the calls for change into two simple questions. First, how can the NHS work with people to keep them ...

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In Tandem

The case for coordinated economic policymaking

Michael Jacobs, Robert Calvert Jump, Jo Michell and Frank van Lerven scrutinise the lack of cooperation between the UK government and the Bank of England, and propose a new Economic Policy Coordinating Committee to help achieve the multiple objective...

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Working Nein to Five

What can the UK learn from Germany about work-life balance?

Fabian Society senior researcher Sasjkia Otto asks what we can learn from Germany about work-life balance.

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Equality and empowerment

A progressive proposal for fiscal devolution and economic development in England

Fabian Society research director Luke Raikes sets out to make a progressive case for devolving public spending, raising important questions about how public money can be used more effectively to deliver policy objectives.

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Plans for Power

Fabian ideas for transforming Britain

This pamphlet is a compilation of some of the most important ideas developed and championed by the Fabian Society in recent years. It is a ‘mixtape’ of the best proposals, from early years to pensions and from the future of work to public service ref...

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A good life in all regions

Uniting our country to end poverty

The report of the Fabian Society's Commission on Regional Poverty and Inequality concludes that the UK has two major regional economy challenges – ‘low growth’ outside the south east, where places lack good jobs; and ‘overheating’ in the capital, whe...

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Lawful and fair

Building a better migration system

In this pamphlet, Will Somerville and Sarah Mulley set out robust proposals to reform our migration system. They argue that it must be based on sound principles: it must be fair, it must be grounded in democratic consent, and it must respect people’s...

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Support guaranteed

The roadmap to a National Care Service

Plans for a National Care Service for England were first presented 13 years ago in the dying days of the last Labour government. Since then no detailed work has taken place to flesh out what the service might look like or how it should be implemented...

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Britain Reconnected

A foreign policy for security and prosperity at home

In this publication, David Lammy MP identifies the major geopolitical trends that will shape the UK's place in the world, and sets out the next Labour government’s approach to foreign policy

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