The future of the left since 1884


20 February 2018


ERIC LEE on Georgia's experiment in democratic socialism.

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Life Lessons

24 January 2017

How Labour’s National Education Service can be brought to life.

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The Changing Work Centre

12 February 2018

The Changing Work Centre - established by the Fabian Society and the trade union Community - explores progressive ideas for the modern world of work.

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The Fabian Review

Winter 2017, Volume 129 - No.4

This edition of Fabian Review focuses on how Labour needs to reshape the economy, with Michael Jacobs, Chi Onwurah MP, Caroline Flint MP, Andrew Cumbers and David Walker, plus Kate Murray interviews shadow equalities minister Dawn Butler MP.

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The most perfect Socialism in Europe

20 February 2018

ERIC LEE on Georgia's experiment in democratic socialism.

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Why it’s tough for young women

15 February 2018

CAROLE EASTON: Identifying a gender pay gap is not enough.

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Make ending poverty our national mission

14 February 2018

ED DAVIE: We need to renew our commitment to eradicate poverty.

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Young workers and trade unions

13 February 2018

BECKY WRIGHT: How can trade unions appeal to millennials?

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Creative solutions

7 February 2018

CHI ONWURAH MP outlines Labour’s approach to tackling regional inequality

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2018: A year to tackle the growing democratic deficit in this country

6 February 2018

CAT SMITH MP: As we celebrate the last 100 years of democratic change, 2018 should not be a year of complacency

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