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25 January 2024

Climbing the Mountain

Fabian Society research manager Ben Cooper identifies 150 non-Labour seats on the new boundaries which will likely make up a very high proportion of the constituencies that Labour will target at the next election. He finds that Labour leads in these seats by more than the national average

Climbing the Mountain Elections

Planning for Power

23 January 2024

Fabian Society general secretary Andrew Harrop explores priorities for a Labour government in a new blog series.

Planning for Power Labour party / Public Services

Equal footing

9 January 2024

Anneliese Dodds MP explains how delivering on equality is increasingly fundamental for achieving sustainable growth: removing barriers to opportunity adds to our economy, rather than taking away.

Equal Footing Women / Diversity / Inequality

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The Fabian Review

Winter 2023, Volume 135 - No.4

This edition of the Fabian Review takes a look at the foreign policy challenges Labour could face, featuring Stella Creasy MP, Nick Westcott, Toni Haastrup and Victoria Honeyman. Elsewhere, Andrea Coomber calls for urgent reform of the prison system and Richard Toye examines the lessons of the Attlee government. In conversation with Iggy Wood, Alf Dubs argues the current government's hostility towards refugees is unprecedented.

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A bang, a whimper, an opportunity

12 February 2024

SU McCONNEL: Wales can lead the way with a devolved probation service after years of botched reforms

Continue reading Devolution / Justice

Close Ties

8 February 2024

In a special feature in partnership with Local Trust, HILARY ARMSTRONG and MATT LEACH explore the role communities and neighbourhoods can play in transforming Britain

Continue reading Communities / Regeneration

Renewed commitment

8 February 2024

MATT LEACH: The next government must deliver mission-driven government at a neighbourhood level

Continue reading Communities / Regeneration

Neighbourhoods Revisited

8 February 2024

HILARY ARMSTRONG: Twenty-five years ago, Labour set out to fix the social and the economic together. We need a similar strategy now

Continue reading Communities / Inequality / Regeneration

Duty of Care

6 February 2024

KELLY GREHAN: Labour should commit to protecting care leavers from discrimination

Continue reading Social Care / Inequality

Navigating Well

2 February 2024

ANDREW HARROP: The next Labour government will face big challenges abroad as well as at home. It can be a force for good in the world

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Our publications

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Plans for Power

Fabian ideas for transforming Britain

This pamphlet is a compilation of some of the most important ideas developed and championed by the Fabian Society in recent years. It is a ‘mixtape’ of the best proposals, from early years to pensions and from the future of work to public service ref...

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A good life in all regions

Uniting our country to end poverty

The report of the Fabian Society's Commission on Regional Poverty and Inequality concludes that the UK has two major regional economy challenges – ‘low growth’ outside the south east, where places lack good jobs; and ‘overheating’ in the capital, whe...

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Lawful and fair

Building a better migration system

In this pamphlet, Will Somerville and Sarah Mulley set out robust proposals to reform our migration system. They argue that it must be based on sound principles: it must be fair, it must be grounded in democratic consent, and it must respect people’s...

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Support guaranteed

The roadmap to a National Care Service

Plans for a National Care Service for England were first presented 13 years ago in the dying days of the last Labour government. Since then no detailed work has taken place to flesh out what the service might look like or how it should be implemented...

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Britain Reconnected

A foreign policy for security and prosperity at home

In this publication, David Lammy MP identifies the major geopolitical trends that will shape the UK's place in the world, and sets out the next Labour government’s approach to foreign policy

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Healthy Britain

A new approach to health and wellbeing policy

Kim Leadbeater MP sets out a new, comprehensive strategy for improving the UK's health and wellbeing.

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Green and Pleasant

Rebuilding rural Britain

An essay collection exploring the challenges faced by rural and coastal communities and how Labour should respond to them.

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Reclaiming freedom

The case for a 21st century bill of powers and duties

In this pamphlet, Liam Byrne MP calls for Labour to make freedom its defining cause once again

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Breaching the Sea Wall

Polling Labour's support in coastal towns

This briefing develops a new constituency grouping based on town and coastal geography: the 'Sea Wall'.

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Levelling up?

Lessons from Germany

This report sets out the lessons which can be learned from Germany on rebalancing regional growth

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The equality question

Why Labour should re-embrace its egalitarian roots

Our new pamphlet makes the case for the fight against inequality to be a core mission for Labour.

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Enduring values

How progressives across Europe can win

An essay collection exploring the progressive values which can connect with voters in the UK and the EU.

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A national music service


Our new report argues for the government to introduce a National Music Education Service

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Equipped for the future

A vision for adult skills and training

In our latest collection, we bring together business leaders, policy experts, politicians, trade unionists and practitioners to develop a new vision for adult skills policy ahead of the next general election

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A mature approach

How Labour can reconnect with older voters

Fabian Society research suggests 2 million older voters who did not support Labour in 2019 would consider doing so now.

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