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6 August 2018


A new Commission on Workers and Technology chaired by Yvette Cooper MP is launched today with the publication of new evidence on British workers‘ hopes and fears for automation over the next decade.

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16 August 2018

DAVE WARD: Unions must work alongside Labour to make work the number one political issue and to deliver real change.

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14 August 2018

FIONA ALDRIDGE: Faced with the prospect of longer working lives, technological change and economic uncertainties, we need to ensure that high quality opportunities to upskill and retrain are available to all.

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The Fabian Review

Summer 2018, Volume 130 - No.2

This edition of Fabian Review focuses on the future political landscape for Labour with Catherine West, Dave Ward and Thangam Debbonaire, plus Kate Murray talks to Andrew Adonis.

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Mandatory reconsideration

13 August 2018

RAJI HUNJAN: Disabled people should not have to rely on charities to secure the social security benefits they are entitled to.

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A source of pride: the NHS and the nation

9 August 2018

STEPHANIE SNOW: When it was created, the National Health Service transformed our country. When we look to reform it, we must ensure we retain the values and principles which have informed it throughout its history.

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Book review

Never too much?

8 August 2018

LOUIS MORIN: The concept of a maximum wage breathes new life into the inequality debate.

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Crisis point

3 August 2018

IAN KEARNS: Brexit should not mean Britain opts out of the debate over the EU’s future.

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Fairness and its many faces

1 August 2018

IAIN MCLEAN AND MARTIN ROGERS: Labour’s 2017 manifesto promised action so that ‘no nation or region of the UK is unfairly disadvantaged’. But fairness has many faces, so hard choices must be made.

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Starting young

31 July 2018

NEENA MODI: Child health determines the health of the nation – and its prosperity. Preventing ill-health from an early age should therefore be the key focus for government.

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A Picture of Health

The NHS at 70 and its future

What does the NHS need to ensure it survives another 70 years and beyond? This report explores a comprehensive agenda for the future of the NHS looking at how it is funded, organised and reformed.
Edited by Jonathan Ashworth MP
July 2018

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Take Good Care

Improving support and wellbeing in later life

This new Fabian Society report explores what the left's agenda should be for older people's care, support, independence and wellbeing.
July 2018

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Raising the bar front cover

Raising the bar

How household incomes can grow the way they used to

What do we need to do to get household incomes growing the way they used to before the financial crash? This collection explores how to create the sustainable economic growth that will be needed if living standards are to rise significantly.
Edited ...

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A New Collectivism

How private sector trade unions can innovate and grow

How trade unions can modernise to meet the challenges of the changing world of work.
Edited by Cameron Tait and Tobias Phibbs
December 2017

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Life Lessons

A National Education Service that leaves no adult behind

How Labour’s National Education Service can be brought to life.

Edited by Kate Murray
December 2017

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