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Reforming the housing market: a landlord’s view

I have been a landlord. From this experience, I have learnt that the property rental market is very sensitive to changes in supply and demand.

Sadiq Khan's Tooting may be an area of housing stress, as he set out on Fabian...

Fabian Executive elections

Get involved with the British left's most plural and open intellectual tradition by submitting your nomination now. You are now invited to submit nominations for a number of positions:

15 Executive Committee places
4 Local Society places on the Executive
Honorary Treasurer
Scottish Convenor

Why the left offers more to green philosophy

Roger Scruton is someone you want to like. Anyone who writes on the philosophy of wine, on the nature of beauty, and on why conservatives should care more about the environment (as he does in this book) seems an affable...

Save our high streets

At the end of last month a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers found that almostthree-quarters of high street shops were holding sales. This is highly unusual for this time of year and compares to 40 per cent of stores for the same...

Public services reclaimed

Labour is currently engaged in a series of campaigns against cuts; our actions demonstrate a degree of solidarity with public sector workers and of course the view that further job losses can only increase the damage to our already fragile...

Perceptions do matter

As we try to define the big public policy issues we face, there is a real danger that everyone will get so carried away with what has to be done that we will fall into the same old trap of...

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