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Fairness not Favours

This has not been an easy time to be a British Muslim. British Muslims have been at the sharp end of many public controversies – from the threat of terrorism to the role of religion in a society of many...

How to Defend Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax is under attack, and not just from the political right. The critics of this tax have dominated the debate over recent years but, as the authors of this Fabian pamphlet argue, inheritance tax is one of the best...

Fabian Review - Spring 2008

The Spring 2008 Healthy Issue of the Fabian Review makes a range of policy proposals and arguments and reveals new insights into the public's views on health

Fabian Review - Winter 2007

Echoing the theme of the Fabian New Year Conference 2008, the Fabian Review focuses on foreign policy.

The Vision Thing

On the day of the ‘election that never was’, this Fabian Freethinking Paper argues that Gordon Brown must define his vision if he is to win another term in office.

"The Prime Minister can powerfully rebut the charge that his government...

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