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Visions of the endgame

This Fabian Freethinking paper argues that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is on the verge of becoming irresolvable but that President Obama’s first term offers a final opportunity to settle it.

Attempts to revive sham negotiations between the reluctant parties or to build...

The Change We Need

Labour has a long history of looking across the Atlantic for inspiration. The founders of New Labour were famously influenced by Bill Clinton and his New Democrats and innovations such as the War Room, workfare and triangulation helped equip the...

From Workhouse to Welfare

2009 marks the centenary of one of the most important moments in British welfare history: the publication of Beatrice Webb's Minority Report on the Poor Law . From the Workhouse to Welfare: What Beatrice Webb's 1909 Minority Report can teach us today is a...

Fabian Review - Spring 2009

As the last Conference season before the election begins, the Fabian Review asks how Labour can use the pulpit of power for the next 200 days

The Green Crunch

As Britain heads towards recession, many people on the left fear that the politics of the environment will get lost amid the clamour for short-term economic solutions. However, in ‘The Green Crunch’, former Chairman of the Environment Agency Sir John...

Fabian Review - Winter 2008

This winter, the Fabian Review says that - as we enter a recession - we need fairness now more than ever

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