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Is Equality Fair?

In this Fabian Special, John Denham, Kate Green, Stewart Lansley,Jemima Olchawski, Ben Page and Zoe Williams respond to new Fabian work on public attitudes to fairness.

The work, commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, found that most people think that 'deserved'...

Fabian Review - Autumn 2009

As the last Conference season before the election begins, the Fabian Review asks how Labour can use the pulpit of power for the next 200 days

Fabian Review - Summer 2009

This edition looks at the next big ideas about how we want to shape our political and economic future.

In the Mix

Housing policy across the last century has been nothing short of disastrous for many people. Despite the great ambitions of successive Labour Governments, housing still fails too many social groups. This Fabian Policy Report shows a strong association between public...

Visions of the endgame

This Fabian Freethinking paper argues that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is on the verge of becoming irresolvable but that President Obama’s first term offers a final opportunity to settle it.

Attempts to revive sham negotiations between the reluctant parties or to build...

The Change We Need

Labour has a long history of looking across the Atlantic for inspiration. The founders of New Labour were famously influenced by Bill Clinton and his New Democrats and innovations such as the War Room, workfare and triangulation helped equip the...

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