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The folly of Osbornomics

Over the weekend it was reported that Iain Duncan Smith had complained to the BBC, accusing them of following Ed Miliband and Ed Balls's “reading of the economy”. In a particularly lurid image, the Secretary of State for Work and...

The Fabian Society today

A recent survey of the Fabian membership is a reminder of the Society’s place as the British left’s most plural and open intellectual tradition, discovers Georgia Hussey

The cartoon of a stereotypical British politician would always depict an upper class,...

Is the future plural?

This year the Fabian Society, Centre: Forum and the Electoral Reform Society will be hosting a public event at both Labour Party conference and Liberal Democrat Conference entitled  'Politics: Is the future plural?'.

Featuring John Denham, Jo Swinson, Caroline Flint, Mary...

Why we need a veterans champion in every area

When my local MP Hazel Blears asked me what I thought the government should do to better help veterans and those leaving the armed forces my first thought was education. Going to university was, for me, the best thing I...

Media matters

The media and creative arts are now a huge part of the UK and international economy. In this country they account for over 2.5 per cent of GDP and millions of jobs. Huge conglomerates bestride the globe: Vodafone’s market capitalisation...

A tax on fat, sugar and salt

The next Labour government will face very tough decisions on tax and spending because of the Cameron/Osborne austerity disaster.

Raising the overall tax burden at all will be politically difficult and is likely to be economically unwise. Yet the cost of...

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