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Fabian Summer Conference: LIVE BLOG

1740: we've got to have the courage of our convictions, represent the whole of the country and be clear in our message: vision, values and vehicle.
And with that the conference is over. Thanks to everyone who came and anyone who...

Stepping up, not stepping back

To succeed in Labour’s political project – of rising and shared wealth – we must rethink the relationship between governments and markets. There must be a greater consistency between the progressive ends that we seek and the means that we...

The Shape of Things to Come

Labour in 2012 will also be shaped by the particular politics and personality of Ed Miliband.

Since becoming Labour leader Ed Miliband has successfully opened several new national political debates, from the ‘squeezed middle’ to ‘responsible capitalism’ and concern about diminishing opportunities for the rising generation.

These essays explore where this politics could take Labour – and there is a striking coherence, radicalism and optimism about the future they see.

Summer 2012

In the summer edition of the Fabian Review we looked in detail at Labour's Next State including: Andrew Harrop explores new Fabian Society research on public attitudes towards the state; Yvonne Roberts, Jon Wilson, Alison McGovern, Natan Doron, Anna Coote and Ruth Lister on Labour's statecraft.

The Shape of Things to Come

After the 1970s it was inevitable that the Conservative party would move away from the tight relationship between business, state and unions of the postwar consensus, but it was Margaret Thatcher who made it Thatcherite. In the 1990s Labour was...

Taking the heat out of the immigration debate

Immigration played a key part in Labour’s defeat in 2010, becoming the frame through which many people comprehended and linked together a vortex of economic and social anxieties. Before the election, Ipsos MORI found that just six per cent of...

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