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New report reveals snapshot of British Sikh community

Many Sikhs in Britain, including myself, share a similar account of how our parents and grandparents came to the UK in the 1960s and 1970s with little more than £10 in their pockets, endured dreadful racism and worked hard to...

Dear Ed, please don't ignore Europe

Dear Ed,

Two weeks have passed since the first debate on Europe between Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg, two weeks with two debates that were filled with boisterous remarks and personal attacks, but very little content of quality.

I expect fellow pro-Europeans...

Human rights should be as important as trade for UK foreign policy

Back during his first few months in Number 10, David Cameron committed to “a more commercial foreign policy”, “placing our commercial interests at the heart of our foreign policy”. But to what extent is this compatible with the foreign secretary’s...

The Clegg v Farage debate: Eurosceptism is an invented tradition

In their 1983 book The Invention of Tradition, Eric Hobsbawm and Terence Ranger argue that many traditions that claim to be old are “often recent in origin and sometimes invented”. Invented traditions are often used by proponents of nationalism to...

Crisis in Ukraine: Labour's EU challenge

The current crisis in Ukraine has prompted MPs and commentators of all political persuasions to call for a strong and coordinated EU response. However, they are largely missing the point. With the recent central and eastern European enlargements, the EU's...

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