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Sustainability: The green economy

Before the 2010 election the Conservatives’ policy rebranding included ‘The low carbon economy - security, stability and green growth’. It laid claim to “A vision of a different Britain...of a Britain which leads the world in new green technologies ...a...

Work and Business: Healthy competition

Pollsters scored Ed Miliband’s promise to freeze energy prices as the hit of the 2013 conference season, and the intervention did his personal ratings no harm at all. It signalled both Labour’s newfound muscularity over corporate interests and a welcome...

Work and Business: The low pay crisis

The sections on ‘Better workplaces’ and ‘Improving employment rights’ in the Your Britain policy consultation on Work & Business, now in their third iteration, remain extraordinarily weak and woolly. To be doorstep ready, they must become more radical, and more...

The real enemies of business

Conservatives claim “helping all Britain’s hard working businesses” is their essential rationale. In contrast, Labour is then portrayed as by definition anti-business.
But, heavily favouring the City, ‘big business’ and international capital, Conservative policies have in reality been unsupportive, even detrimental...

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