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Changing the tribe

As the waters of conference season begin to ebb and flow, we thought we’d take this moment of calm to reflect on the movement of Labour in the past year - the strengths, the weaknesses and what the party really...

Obama 2012: get it done

Explaining the ‘08 to ‘12 change

In 2008 the mantra within Senator Obama's campaign for staff and volunteers alike was "Respect - Empower - Include" . In 2012 a fourth word has been added: "Win".

This change serves as both metaphor and...

The Fair Society

It’s encouraging to see that fairness is back on the political agenda. Until recently, it might have looked to some observers as though there were only two sets of questions across which political lines were drawn. Questions, first, about how...

Media matters

The media and creative arts are now a huge part of the UK and international economy. In this country they account for over 2.5 per cent of GDP and millions of jobs. Huge conglomerates bestride the globe: Vodafone’s market capitalisation...

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