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10 Years of FWN: FGM is not yet history

The Fabian Women’s Network, which celebrates its 10 year anniversary this year, has been at the forefront of the campaign for women’s power, rights and equality. We have come a long way – but there is still much to do.

For example,...

10 Years of FWN: Domestic violence in the frame

We live in country that has progressed in leaps and bounds on feminist issues. The last century has seen a fight for basic democratic rights for women including the right to vote by the Suffragettes, as well as post WW2...

10 Years of FWN: Opening up local politics

Last weekend, I chaired the Fabian Society’s session on devolution at the LGA Labour Conference where Graham Allen MP (Chair of the Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee) urged local authorities and councillors to agree settlement that worked and could...

10 Years of FWN: What the Fabian Women's Network has done for me

From reading an article in the Observer a year ago, to a life-changing decision to stand as a Welsh Assembly Member, my political journey has been full of fascinating and inspiring experiences.

You could say I’m steeped in politics. My grandfather...

10 Years of FWN: Keys to the gates of power

The concept of the Fabian Women’s mentoring and political education programme was quite straightforward. Fabian women with experience of political and public life would support other Fabian women on their journey into politics and public life. In addition to one-to-one...

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