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The rebel insider

The shadow cabinet office minister has a low public profile but is at the heart of the Corbyn project. Jon Trickett tells Emma Burnell about Labour’s preparations for power.

Autumn 2018

This edition of the Fabian Review focuses on what a radical Labour party in government could do to ensure its success with Angela Eagle, Faiza Shaheen and Paul Mason plus Emma Burnell talks to Jon Trickett.

A crisis of education

Our crisis of politics is also a crisis of education. Quite simply, we do not have an education system fit for purpose in the 21st century. We do not learn how to learn well. We do not teach how to...

After the mourning, a new morning

This hurts a lot. We find ourselves a country who wants to close ourselves off to the wider world. A country already reeling from the shock of our decision and a country divided into two seemingly irreconcilable groups. One of...

"The Tories are laughing as we tear each other to pieces"

The Labour Leadership race has certainly come alive in the last week. At the beginning there was much complaining about the rather dull and formulaic nature of the contest - the hustings were all the same, the candidates too close...

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