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A continuing crisis

While thousands of refugees languish in camps across Europe, the UK government has rowed back on its commitments. Alf Dubs, who spearheaded moves to help child refugees, sets out what needs to be done now
I visited the ‘Jungle’ refugee and...

To whom it may concern

Continuing our Fabian Review series on the refugee crisis, year 11 student Boogie Thompson shares her experience of visiting the Calais jungle

People have been asking me how Calais was. I stutter and say it was eye-opening or interesting.

But this is...

Wall of shame

It’s been called the ‘Great Wall of Calais’. The huge barrier being built to keep people out of the UK is a potent symbol of populist feeling, argues Jeremy Anselmo in the latest in our series on the refugee crisis.

Shifting the debate

Kicking off a Fabian Review series on the refugee crisis, Jessica Toale says Labour must do more to shift the debate

This week Theresa May spoke at the UN summit on refugees and migrants. The world is facing the greatest refugee...

Giving refugees and communities a say in resettlement

Public discussion on refugee protection tends to focus on headline numbers set by policymakers. In Britain one of these numbers is 20,000. That is, in September 2015 David Cameron promised to resettle 20,000 Syrian refugees in Britain by 2020. The...

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