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The crumbs of hope

RICHARD CORBETT MEP: The crunch point on Brexit is fast approaching

Labour can shape Britain’s future

After the Conservative’s recent defeat in parliament, Labour has shown it has power – albeit limited – on Brexit. How can the party wield it? Nick Donovan explores the options for Labour in 2018...

Growth prospects

Britain’s version of capitalism needs to be more European in flavour, writes Andrew Harrop...

Winning the country

New Labour was famous for its grasp of the importance of the message. Its communications strategy – or spin, depending on your perspective – is acknowledged to have played a crucial role in securing three consecutive election victories. More recently,...

Book review: How to stop Brexit

How to Stop Brexit (And Make Britain Great Again) by Nick Clegg, Bodley Head, £8.99

Even at the height of Cleggmania, I never understood the appeal of the then Liberal Democrat leader. Nick Clegg performed very strongly during the prime ministerial...

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