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Restitching the safety net

Labour has the opportunity to carve out a fresh approach on social security, based on the principles of fairness, dignity and respect, writes Ruth Patrick
For lots of reasons, the 2017 general election felt very different from recent battles to secure...

Achieving everyday equality for disabled people

Life today is still much harder for the 13 million disabled people in this country than it needs to be. In 2017 disabled people still face barriers to employment and are not getting the care and support they need to...

An inclusive education

Education is the passport to opportunity. It is only right that all children are given equal opportunities to reach their full potential, educated in a world-class system to become the next leaders, entrepreneurs, teachers, strategists, economists, doctors, lawyers or scientists.


Labour's turning point

Black Wednesday, the Maastricht treaty and what John Smith would think about Brexit

Twenty-five years ago, ‘Black Wednesday’ saw the pound forced out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM). This dramatic humiliation of John Major’s government on 16 September 1992, wrecked...

Speaking out

Labour has the opportunity and the duty to shape Brexit for the better
It was clear from the Queen’s Speech that the government has not seen its disastrous performance in the general election as a sign that it needs to reflect...

What next for Brexit?

There was a time not long ago when the British stand on Brexit, reflected in both the Labour and Conservative general election manifestos, seemed fairly straightforward. The UK would leave the single market, withdraw from the European Economic Area (EEA),...

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