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A Convenient Truth

Since the 1980s, progressive politics has been rudderless. Having lost its vision of how to create a qualitatively better society for everyone, radical politics has lacked idealism, a sense of purpose and the ability to inspire. As a result, politicians...

Labour's Britain: Energy efficient homes

If we are to keep on anything like an achievable track to meet the carbon targets laid down by Labour’s own Climate Change Act in 2008, Labour will come to power facing an imperative to reduce carbon emissions by an...

The world's dirtiest secret

A Foreign Office official recently told me the world's dirtiest secret. Under his breath, he muttered to me: "I don't think we've got a cat in hell's chance of keeping the world under two degrees of global warming."

As politicians and...

Labour’s Britain: A cleaner, greener economy

Rebuilding the nation in tough times but understanding the importance of the environment. That’s the mission and it’s one we’ve accomplished before.

It was a Labour government in 1945 that built the NHS and created our national parks. Those were tough...

Air pollution: A hidden killer

In 1952, during the great smog of London, 4000 people died from the pollution that filled the air.  In 2014, almost 30,000 people in the UK will die prematurely because of air pollution.  Today, as Maria Eagle and Sadiq Khan...

Climate policy is worth a speech

At last, a member of the shadow cabinet has given a speech about climate change.

Maria Eagle, the shadow environment secretary, went to WWF’s headquarters in Woking yesterday and talked about the choice on offer to the electorate next May: David...

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